Ye also helping together by prayer for us, that for the gift bestowed upon us by the means of many persons thanks may be given by many on our behalf. 2 Corinthians 1:11

It’s been a very different month in many ways. At the beginning of the month we decided to have a break away, so we headed off to Mwanza for five days which we really enjoyed, although the time seemed to pass very quickly. We did very little during our time there – just rested, unwound, and recharged somewhat before our return. It was much needed. During our time there we did get the opportunity to buy some new pups for guard dogs here at the children’s home, meet Mario and Rax. They settled in very fast, and we trust that they will be a great asset to the security here.

We had to carry out a major repair on the volunteer building, which is also in the same building where we live. A while back we noticed that the ceiling in the living room was starting two bow quite drastically. On investigating we discovered that a lot of the timbers had been eaten by termites. When the ceiling boards were stripped back, some of the ceiling framing was just a shell with all the inner part eaten by the termites.

While these repairs were being carried out John started to feel a little strange and thought he was going to lose his balance at one stage. He had to come down off the scaffolding and let Kalala continue with the job. Over the next few days John felt his heart racing very fast at times. He had no pain but an uncomfortableness. One evening we decided he would need to see if he could get an ECG so we phoned the hospital to find out if there was one available. There was so we headed there straight away where they proceeded to do some tests including an ECG. His blood pressure was very high, and his heart rate was 140. The ECG showed an almost regular heartbeat. He was given some medication and asked to come and see a heart specialist the following week. John continues to improve and has been monitoring his blood pressure and heartbeat over the past two weeks. He will return to the hospital on Monday for a further check-up. Continue to pray for our health.

Progress on the new building is somewhat slow. All the cabling for the electrics is now complete and the CAT6 cabling for the security cameras is being completed at the time of writing. All being well we plan to start putting the ceiling boards up next week. We have also completed some concrete paths outside to help in movement between the buildings during the wet season. The septic tanks have been built and are ready for the covers to be cast.

It was a real joy to witness the baptism of 10 new converts, one being our boy Saidi who had put his trust in the Lord several months back. Continue to pray for Jerry and Rachel as they minister at Ndevelwa. Praise the Lord the numbers have been increasing weekly, being now close to 80 attending. Pray that many will come to saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

July has been a busy month for birthdays.Five birthdays were celebrated with plenty of cake and juice which is always enjoyed by all. Finally, a laugh from Bless pictured on the left.

Peter Gillan DV will be joining us for 2 months from the 19th  of August. Pray for all his travel plans and for a blessed time with us here in the work.

It was very difficult getting a group photo of the youngest Children, so we have just made a collage.

Baraka                         Jacqueline                        Irene                           Gerevas                   Amelia

1yr 9mts.                      18mts.                               18mts.                      1yr 4mts.                 5mts

Your continual Prayers and support are very much appreciated for us and the Lord’s work here.

Love in Christ,

John & Pauline