O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever. 1 Chronicles 16:34 How did it get so late so soon? It is nighttime before it’s afternoon! February is here. How the time has flown.  Sometimes we have so many things to do, and a day seems to be too short. Here at Kazima there is never a shortage of things to do.
The Children were all dressed in their school uniforms waiting on the bus to arrive. We then received word that the new school year wouldn’t start for another week. There were some very unhappy children as they were so looking forward to getting back to school. School commenced the following week. This year we have a total of 16 children who go out to school. This past month saw a lot of work accomplished on the replacement building. The trusses were all completed, painted and lifted into place. We were able also to harvest some honey. We took a different approach to checking the hives. We tried at night which proved to be some what better. The bees still get very aggressive, however we harvested 8.7kgs which is being enjoyed by all.
We have had some very heavy rains with a total of 9.3 inches in January. We can see the rice paddies along the sides of the roads filling up. A relief to those cultivating rice this year. We have had a request to include some group photos of the children with their names and age group, to enable folk to know who-is-who and pray for them, especially maybe when a child is mentioned. A face to the name, as they say. This group is in the Prep class being taught here by our teacher Agnes. Their ages are from 5yrs 1mth to 5yrs 7mths.

Gloria                Peter            Samuel          Blessing        Andrew

Next month we will have another group photo. In January we were able to go to Mwanza for a little break, which was very much needed. We didn’t do very much as the weather was wet, dull and cold for us at 22deg. We praise the Lord for this little time to relax and recharge. Continue to pray for the morning devotions and the little Sunday afternoon services that we have here. Pray that these times will be challenging, encouraging and a blessing to the children and staff. We want to see them all putting their trust in the Lord as their Saviour. It has been encouraging to see an increase in numbers attending the church services at Ndevelwa. Continue to pray for Jerry as he faithfully preaches and teaches each week. Pray for Bonifas as he leads the new mid-week meeting each Thursday afternoon. Pray for others to accept Jesus as their Saviour. Many thanks for your continued remembrance of us and the work of the Lord here, in both prayer and financial support. Love in Christ, John & Pauline