When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained. Psalm 8:3
The cold weather is here letting us know that we are truly into the dry season once again. It’s been another very busy month with all the children off school and trying to keep them occupied. School starts back on the 5thJuly. Pray for the many things that need attended to before they return. With the wet season over and the ground dried out it was time to sort out the bicycles. John spent a whole day repairing them,13 in total. There was great excitement as they enjoy racing up and down the newly laid moram on the road into the Home. John developed a toothache and needed to see a dentist. Our laptop needed a new battery as it would no longer work without being plugged in to the mains. It was also bulging so bad that it wouldn’t sit level on the table. John managed to both source a battery in Mwanza and book an appointment with a suitable dentist there. We planned a short trip and since it was also our wedding anniversary, we stayed an extra day. On our return journey, just 5 miles from home and getting dark we hit something on the road which blew out the front tyre (found out it was a rock that someone had left in the middle of the road). The car in front of us had also hit it and blew out his front tyre. We praise the Lord for his hand of protection as we travelled. Out at the farm Craig has been communicating with Oliver from Arusha about improving the herd of 35 goats at the farm. Oliver has many years of farming experience in Tanzania and has done a lot with goats and breeding them for different purposes i.e. milk and meat, and has a wealth of knowledge which he is very willing to share with Craig. He is looking to find through Oliver a new buck and maybe also some new does. Craig and Helen are carrying out trials with some seeds for green manure cover crops. These have been planted as part of a trial to improve soil fertility before the rainy season and then do further planting. This is a means of enhancing the soil fertility using plants that enrich the soil in different ways. They have already seen shoots of some of the seeds that have been planted, which is exciting.
We praise the Lord that John’s residence permit was finally approved, and we now have them in hand. Continue to pray for the morning devotions and the Sunday afternoon service that we have with the children and staff, that lives and hearts will be challenged, and others will put their trust in our Saviour. Thank you for your continual remembrance of us and the work before the Lord. Love in Christ, John & Pauline