Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite. Psalm 147:5
We have had an extremely busy month. Here is a Thesaurus definition of what ‘busy’ is; “Strenuous, hectic, energetic, active, lively, exacting, tiring, full, eventful”. All of these couldn’t be more correct. We praise the Lord for answered prayer and for the help needed this past month. The 6th of January was the first day of the new school year and on the left is their photo. From far left is Moses, Sami (in blue), Mussa, Saidi, Masanja (in Blue), John, Shani (hiding), Hamisi, Anna, Marsel, Janet and Eva. Thank you for your prayers concerning Esther. Esther went for her assessment on the 9th January which was really a joke to say the least! Anyway after 3 days it was decided that she should be placed in Kazima primary School P1 class. When we went to visit the school, we were pleased as her class size is very small, 26 in total. Esther commenced on the 16th January and seems to be enjoying it, although sometimes refuses to do her work. She tells the teacher that she has a teacher at home.
We have also managed to employ a teacher. Her name is Agnes and she has excellent English skills. Agnes starts work at 8am and has eight pre-schoolers from 9am until noon. Esther gets home at 11.30 so Agnes helps her with homework. Then Sami and Masanja arrive back around 2.30pm and Agnes helps them with their homeworks’. The rest arrive back around 3.30 and again Agnes helps with any homeworks until 5pm. A full and busy day. Please pray about the rains. Usually we are praying for rain but we have had so much that the ground is saturated. Some of our trees are dying. We have seen fields under water and whole crops of maize starting to turn yellow and then rot. We praise the Lord for the opportunity for a few days break and rest. We travelled to Mwanza last week and enjoyed a good rest and time of relaxation. It rained every day while we were there. Thank you for your continued prayers and support for the Lord’s work. Love in Christ John & Pauline