TCFDT Team Trip 2014 (Jul14)

On 29 Jun 2014 a team of 10 people led by Trevor Gillan left for Tabora departing Dublin to Istanbul and after a short stop there they flew on to Dar es Salaam arriving in the early hours of Monday morning. There then followed a 2 hour internal flight and after almost 24 hrs travelling it was great to touch down and see two landrovers waiting for us along with a very excited John & Pauline Tuff!


A short road journey found us at the Kazima Children’s Home where they met the children for the first time and felt greatly Blessed as prayers had been answered in bringing these children to the home. The accommodation is attached to John and Pauline’s and soon the team were all settled in. After resting up on the first day it was all hands on deck on Tuesday with the ladies being tasked different duties with the children and getting to know the staff of the home. There were frequent visits to medical clinics for many of the children and the ladies described the most basic of medical care with few staff and hardly any resources for the doctor to work with. The queues were long and no air conditioned waiting rooms here. Frustratingly too the medicines that the children are supposed to have free of charge weren’t available at times (probably sold) and this would mean a run to the chemists to purchase these. It’s a very challenging area of the work to contend with and needs a lot of patience to deal with these problems almost daily. While the ladies were kept busy and I mean busy with the children the men began the task of building the toilet blocks and laundry. Tom was tasked with the job of starting to make door frames and windows while the rest of men worked with 3 locals Kalala, Morris and Joel and many interesting conversations ensued sometimes with much laughter as we tried to communicate with each other.

The team all ate well while there and are thankful to the ladies who did so much in making sure us men didn’t go hungry and the memory of” Wilmar”, “Rojos” and
“Loumars”, diner will stay with them for a long time. Without doubt it was a real Blessing to have the ladies on the team. Their role in assisting with the children was invaluable and every bit as needful as putting up a building. This is definitely a great opportunity for ladies to serve on a mission trip and experience firsthand what is involved with such a mission. Pauline as greatly encouraged by their presence and we trust that others might be lead to experience this. On the Sunday the team had the privilege to worship at the church beside the farm at Ndevelwa where we sang Jesus loves me in Swahili and Tom brought the message with John translating to the locals. The church is very basic, without windows or paint but evident from the few who attended that their Joy in the Lord is full. Four of the children from the home were able to come along with us to the service and it was great to see them dressed in their Sunday best which had been sent out from here. What a Blessing to know these children will now have, should the Lord spare and tarry, an opportunity to be taught the scriptures from an early age. Whilst there Rosie was able to pass on some much needed medical equipment to a Christian doctor who takes a special interest in the home and his eyes lit up like Christmas morning upon seeing the varied and essential tools for his job. This will be of great benefit in attending to the needs of the children. All too soon it was time to pack up and make our homeward journey but knowing much had been accomplished. We left John & Pauline with thankful hearts at being afforded the opportunity to serve with them at the Children’s Home. The entire team have all been richly Blessed and each person can relate many different aspects of their experience but I think we would all agree that we were touched by John & Pauline’s devotion to the work that God has called them to. Their love and care for the children is obvious to all, as is their desire to see all things done as unto God, should that be in the practical building work, their choice of staff or the medical attention the children require daily. Truly God has the preeminence in this place.


“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”, Philippians 4:13