TCFDT Team Trip 2010 (11Sep10 - 26Sept10)


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On 11 September 2010 a team of 5 people lead by John Tuff set off from Belfast International airport for 2 weeks to carry out various tasks at the TCFDT Childrens Home. After 4 flights over nearly 2 days they arrived in Tabora.

Landing in Tabora was as experience as this was on a dirt runway.

As part of the trip, the team stayed with an Australian Missionary Couple – Kees and Cyndy Bootsma who are serving the Lord with an Anglican based Church Missionary Society. It was a great blessing to spend time with them to see how they were working in the Mission Field in Tanzania.


On the Sunday that team was present in Tabora, they were able to attend a service at the Ndevelwa Church located at the Ndevelwa Farm. This was a wonderful experience to be able to see joy in Africans worshipping and to be able to get an understanding of what a real African Evangelical Church service was like.


During the 2-week trip, there was a lot of practical work involved in building a new Staff/Volunteer complex and also some work to the existing Children’s Home. This involved the team working with local Tanzanias which was a blessing and also challenging at times due to the language barrier.  


  • Interior and exterior walls where set out for block building
  • Blockwork was completed to above window sill level – over 5000 blocks were built
  • As part of the main Children’s Home building, work was carried out such as painting of doors and finishing off the windows and completion of the electrical work


Rejoice there were many answers to prayer during the trip. 

  • No travel issues
  • Work permits were issued to enable team to work
  • Team was able to work in 30+ degree heat
  • Everyone remained in good health
  • Team got on very well and there was a good team spirit




“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”, Philippians 4:13