Workers Required


In 2016, we commenced an additional building to the children's home to meet future demand requirements and a suitable building as the current children get older. A number a number of teams went to Tanzania in 2018 primarly involved in building work - block building, electrical work, painting, plumbing, joinery work and help looking after the children. If you are interesting in been part of a future team in 2020, please contact us at: david@tcfdt.org.



We are seeking a husband and wife team who would have a desire to serve the Lord in Tabora on a temporary basis. They would take up the role of managing the Childrens Home for a period of 3-12 months. We feel that this is very necessary so that we will be able to give the children the best possible start in their little lives. We have commenced the Children Home formally in March 2014 with 29 children now in place. 


Engineer: Experience needed in the installing and maintenance of dairy equipment. This person will be required to help install the machinery in the dairy, also to maintain the machinery and work with the local people, etc.

Product Processor: Experience in the processing of dairy products. A person who is capable of developing different products within the dairy industry, such as yoghurt, cheese, butter and ice cream. The person will need to work with local people to teach them this trade for their future needs.

Butcher: Experience in the butchery trade. A person who has experience in meat processing, particularly with making sausages, burgers, also processing ham and bacon etc. It will be necessary to teach some locals these processes and the general butchery trade. (very urgently needed.) Processing unit has been installed and is ready to begin production.


Agriculturist: Experience in animal husbandry. The person will be working with goats on a zero grassing program, a pig unit which we are breeding and fattening pigs for the processing project and also dairy cows which will be cross bred and zero grazed. A knowledge of crop and vegetables production would be helpful. The person will be involved in setting up the dairy side of the farm school.

Maintenance person: Experience in mechanics - essential a person or couple who would be looking after the daily operations of the farm, checking the machines and other equipment and seeing to the daily needs of food and other supplies.


Carpenter / Joiner: A person who would work with a local person preparing him to teach carpentry in the farm school. Experience with workshop machinery would be a help.

Mechanical Engineer: A person with capabilities to teach in the school and prepare others to teach in the areas of diesel mechanics and mechanical engineering.


Person with experience in purchasing and distributing food. A person who will purchase food, arrange transport and work with locals in the distribution of different aid to those in need.


Doctor / Nurse: Person with experience in setting up dispensaries or clinics. They would be  involved in surveying the needs for clinics, dispensaries-and setting them up. The work will also involve some medical supervision of these places and helping with medicines etc.

Child Care/Nurse: People to work in a Children's Home with young children.


Along with the practical work there are opportunities to be involved with different forms of evangelism with the local churches. These include the showing of the Jesus film, which is taken on a regular basis to surrounding villages. Contacts with local schools are also available in Tabora, which provide a good opportunity to teach the young people. Swahili language is needed to be able to communicate with the local people in the Tabora Region. There are language schools in Tanzania to teach Swahili or private Tutors whom, will teach the relevant personal needs.

For short-term assignments, some  accommodation is already available at the Children's Home. The cost of living is reasonably low in Tanzania if a person is able to use mainly local food, which is rice based. Basic bread can be purchased in Tabora and there are many tropical fruits available at a very low cost.

There is an airstrip in Tabora where Air Tanzania fly into twice a week most of the year, weather permitting. This is the quickest way to travel to and from the capital city, Dar es Salaam. The other way of travelling is by road. A journey by road can take anything up to 3 days in the rainy season, but most of the time it can be done in less than 2 days. A vehicle should be available for a time with mileage allowance arrangements. Some medical help can be obtained in Tabora and there are 2 mission run hospitals within a 2-hour radius, which are of quite a high standard.